Old fashioned courtship is making a comeback, especially in Christian circles. The reason is that marriage casualties are at all time high. About half of all marriages fail today in America. Discerning people are looking for a better way to meet and know "Mr. or Mrs. Right".
Hi, my name is Ron Coriell. My wife Rebekah and I have marveled as our three daughters Jennifer, Jessica, and Johanna experienced the safety, fun, and wisdom of courtship.This website is designed to give a summary of Christian courting and to offer a tool that may be key towards reaching the goal of marriage.
I must admit that I did not court Rebekah. Like everyone else in the 60's, I dated. I saw many of my friends date, break up, date, go steady, break up, and then finally find "the one". But, a few years later they solved their marital difficulties by divorcing. Thank God Rebekah and I have been married for nearly 40 years and we still love each other.
When our daughters were born, we, like most parents, didn't have a clue about parenting. We learned by trial and error and by listening to some great preachers and teachers. One acquainted us with courtship. We taught it to our girls and they embraced it when they were still young. God honored their commitment. I hope you will read Jen, Jes, and Jo's courtship stories by clicking the Testimonials page.
Perhaps there is no one way to court. We see it taking place during several stages: Friendship, Inquiry, Courtship, Engagement, Marriage. Here's a short description of each.

Friendship -- Men and women get to know each other in groups and as friends at church, school, work, etc.

Inquiry -- Men and women take a special interest in each other, but still only in group settings. A man might ask permission of the woman's father to get to know her better. If granted he may do things with the woman's family as he gets more acquainted with her.

Courtship -- The man asks the father permission to become a suitor, to win his daughter's heart. The father asks the man questions (see our Courtship Questionaires). The parents discuss his answers with their daughter. If all agree, the man can begin to court the daughter. This stage may require more family events and progressing to permitting the couple to go places together alone, now that trust has been established.

Engagement -- If the man can win the daughter's heart, he then asks the father's permission to ask for her hand in marriage. The father checks with his daughter. If all agree, he is granted this privilege. The Engagement Stage begins when she accepts his marriage proposal. The couple is now free to plan their wedding.

Marriage -- Marriage counseling should prepare the couple for the joys, trials, and responsibilities they will face. A wedding ceremony folows that honors the Lord and allows friends to witness the covenantal vows they make to each other. It is at this stage that the father transfers his God given role of leadership of his daughter to the godly man.

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